Directions to our house

Our House Address: 9130 Belvedere Drive, Urbana MD 21704

Phone: (R) +1.301.874.1536 (C): +1.240.344.3286



 Use GoogleMaps/Mapquest/etc. to figure out how to  get to I-270 from your start point. After that please follow these instructions and NOT your own maps or GPS device - you might get lost.

Assuming you are driving on I-270 N, follow the blue line on the map.

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Driving on I-270 N  (i.e. you are going North)

1. Take Exit 26 off I-270N and turn left towards Urbana

2. From the next circle, take 3/4 turn and into Sugarloaf Parkway (this circle will come up in less than a mile after you take the exit). Drive straight into the Villages of Urbana (two pillars on either side saying Welcome to Villages of Urbana)

3. Sugarloaf parkway will twist and turn - follow it to the very end till it hits Carriage Hill Dr. (T-junction)

4.  Turn left on Carriage Hill Drive, go all the way to the end

5. Turn left on Belvedere Dr (T-junction)

6. Our house is to the right (9130)

Driving on I-270 S (i.e. you are going South)

1. Take Exit 26 off I-270S and turn right towards Urbana

Follow from Step 2 above